Can you cook with a temperature controlled water bath?

Cooking with the temperature controlled water bath has become very popular lately. Cooking this way involves sealing your food and then submerging it within the temperature controlled water bath. This way, none of the water is going to be getting into the water bath. In addition, the food that is within the plastic bag is going to be cooked very evenly.

This way of cooking actually has a name. It’s called sous vide. Sous vide emerged in the early 15th century out of France. It became very popular over there due to the influx of cattle meat that they had at the time. There was actually an overpopulation of cattle at the time so the natives there needed to find a way to cook a massive amount of meat without having it go bad in lose its flavor. Hence, sous vide was born.

They discovered that if they were able to seal the meat before cooking it, that the meat would be able to be preserved for a much longer time and save its flavor for much longer time. Of course, they didn’t have a means of quickly vacuum sealing the food back then. However, they were able to suck the air out through the use of straws. This was a very, very primitive form of sous vide cooking.

However, it did lay the foundation and framework for future sous vide cooking that we know today. Without the invention of the primitive sous vide cooking back in 15th century France, we were not have this beautiful art form that we call sous vide today.

So when we hear people ask if they can cook with the temperature controlled water bath, we act quite surprised. Of course you can, we proclaim. If people in the early 15th century were able to do it, then so can you. We suggest learning more about sous vide cooking if you’re interested in cooking with the temperature controlled water bath.